About Me

WELCOME! My name is Valeria. I’m a 30-year-old El Pasoan (born and half-raised) currently working as a copywriter in advertising in El Paso, Texas.

I’d like to officially explain why I decided to call this blog Valeria en el Mundo. The name is in Spanish because it’s my first language and it’s representative of the Mexican culture I was raised in — it’s my way of paying tribute and remembrance to where I come from. It’ll be a daily reminder to never ever forget my roots.

Now on to the mundo part (mundo = world in Spanish). I’ve been fascinated with the idea of seeing the world ever since I can remember — and that’s the mission I’m currently on. I absolutely love traveling, planning trips, immersing myself in different cultures and just the idea of connecting with places that I’ve never been to. I invite you to stick around to read about my travel experiences and other bits of my life (i.e., my long-lived obsession with Hot Cheetos) on this blog.

I also have a YouTube channel where I post videos about my travels (and the occasional random rant-y vlog). Click here to check it out!



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