NDMF Desmadre.

As the years have dawned on me, I’ve grown to become appreciative of my home city of El Paso. My late teenage years were clouded by hate for El Paso inspired by the people I surrounded myself with … yup, other naïve, hate-filled teenagers. The general consensus was that there was nothing to do here … Continue reading NDMF Desmadre.

growing up mexican pt. 2 — cleanin’ & misbehavin’

here is the majestic continuation of my growing-up-mexican rant. it's mainly about two things that i remember experiencing throughout my childhood ... which you will find out about if you keep reading. hopefully this will cheer up your monday blues, like it did for me. if not, just look at the damn gifs. the first is … Continue reading growing up mexican pt. 2 — cleanin’ & misbehavin’