El Paso-ing Around Like a Tourist! | El Paso Mural Tour (Locations & Artists Included!)

Hello, angel-faces! So, I’ve lived in El Paso for about 17 years and I used to think I knew this city like the back of my hand. But quarantine has created this sudden and embarrassing need in me to rely on the GPS while exploring around. You should’ve seen me boiling with anxiety over driving into a one-way street the wrong way. A shame, I tell ya!

Anyway, I’m back with another social-distanced activity! I did some internet sleuthing and hashtag stalking to put together this list of murals of El Paso, Texas. Then, I took two days to visit these murals, capture some photos and video, and get dehydrated AF while riding scooters around Downtown (goddamn, it was HAWT).

This isn’t an exhaustive El Paso murals list by any means because there are so, so, so many more throughout the city, but these were the ones that I was able to tackle for now. I included links to the artists’ Instagram profiles and the location of each of these murals! Without further ado, let’s get into it.

UPDATE (10/11/2020): I want to mention that A Little Britt of Fun posted an El Paso Mural guide two years ago. She’s got THE original mural guide from what I’ve found on Google. And she’s got a lot of murals on her post that I didn’t include, so please make sure to check that out!

GREETINGS FROM EL PASO — @greetingstour
145 E. Sunset Road

915 — @ortegtino & @hellowpaola
4400 N. Mesa St.

NOPALES IN LOVE — @celestialterrestrial
150 W. Castellano Drive

I STAR EP — @osaple915, @calopez22 & @diegorobot
511 Western Ct.

BELIEVE — @itsaliving
Pedestrian Pathway Mural Walk at 1 Civic Center Plaza

REFLECTIONS OF THE DESERT — @creativekids.olo
Pedestrian Pathway Mural Walk at 1 Civic Center Plaza

BORDER WILDLIFE MURAL — @toosphexy, @elcimi, @blastertsb, @shack_clvr & La Fe Prep School students
Pedestrian Pathway Mural Walk at 1 Civic Center Plaza

Pedestrian Pathway Mural Walk at 1 Civic Center Plaza

Pedestrian Pathway Mural Walk at 1 Civic Center Plaza

VS — @msyellowart
1 Festival Arts Plaza

301 E. Mills Ave.

Rock House Gallery Wall at 400 W. Overland Ave.

SISTER CITIES — @lxsdos & @maintainstudio
Father Rahm & El Paso Street

CONTIGO — @christin.m.a
Father Rham & El Paso Street

@elcimi & @blastertsb
602 S. Oregon St.

619 S. Oregon St.

CHINCHE AL AGUA — @aka_mask
298 E. Father Rahm

@elcimi — 1230 Texas Ave.

@vic_dez — 1420 Myrtle Ave.

@pabs_sinfuturo — 316 N. Copia St.

@diegorobot — 3915 Rosa Ave.

I HEART EP — @ortegtino
3915 Rosa Ave.

I can’t wait to get back out there and find some more murals. Also, can we just talk about how a man really pulled his pants down, showed us his bare ass and proceeded to take a piss on the street in front of a bunch of people?! It was … quite something. Downtown El Paso is guaranteed to bring you some unforgettable adventures, that’s a fact. So, mask up and head the fuck out there!

Check out the Youtube video I also put together from this social-distance adventure!

And for now, that’s all. Let me know what other murals I should check out in the comments pls! ❤


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