A Bachelorette, 11 Strangers & Playa.

Hi, there! I’m here to talk to you about the reason why I’m hostage to a newfound obsession with the Caribbean. The last time I was in Cancun was about six or seven years ago … and that’s where we’ll leave that one at. #ragrets


This time around, I spent five days and fours nights in beautifully relaxing Playa del Carmen. This resort town is about 48 minutes from Cancun International Airport. There’s a bunch of transpo options but the easiest way to go will probably be going with your hotel’s shuttle (if offered, but most do!).


But let me tell you about the most important part about this trip: I went on a bachelorette trip with 12 fucking women. Imagine that. Me: introvert-slash-extrovert what even are you, slightly anti-social, grumpy cat; plus 11 other personalities … most of whom I was going to meet for the first time during the trip. And guess what? I SURVIVED!


If we’re being honest, I don’t have a lot of girlfriends and so naturally, I was feeling a little anxious about the trip. The second night, when everyone had arrived, I felt so out of place and disconnected. I thought to myself, “WTF am I doing here? I have nothing in common with these women.” I even shed a tear all by my lonesome. A tear that held at my life insecurities: would I ever have my own bachelorette trip, let alone a party?! Have I done enough in 26 years?! Am I behind as all fuck?!

But then it clicked. I knew I had to snap the fuck out of it. I hadn’t traveled more than 2,000 miles to feel out of place. So I did. I snapped the fuck out of it and I tried to get drunk like a normal person would … but sea level didn’t help me.


My friend Tania is getting married in November and she was so nice to invite me. We stayed at the Ocean Riviera Paradise all-inclusive hotel. It’s a relatively new hotel, so you could tell there were a few kinks to be straightened out. Particularly, the hotel staff took a total of six hours to bring us sheets and pillows for the sofabed (we had to call three times!). I know, total first-world problems.


The hotel has a total of 10 restaurants, including a Japanese teppan-grill, an ice cream parlour, a open-late burger/fries/pizza restaurant, an absolutely delicious Italian restaurant and more! And 11 bars! It also has five pools — including one for adults only (the one where I spent the better part of a whole day drinking since 9 a.m.).


The hotel also had a “disco,” which was repleted with trashed under-21 white kids. I totally enjoyed watching late-teens drunk off their ass trying to dance. It was the totally epic epitome of white people can’t dance. One of my personal highlights was the broadway-lip-synch-knock-off show the hotel staff puts on. As a self-proclaimed musical kinda nerd, to say I was excited is an understatement.


At the end of the trip, I can say I made a new friend. And I socialized (to the extent that my being allowed me to). And I had fun. And I kinda loved it in spite of everything. I am sooo glad I decided to go because I probably would’ve wallowed in regret if I had let my fears and anxiety keep me from going on a trip with mostly strangers.

Now I feel like I can do anything … well, almost anything! And also, I can’t wait to be back out in the Caribbean because, well, I feel like I might just belong there … 😉

Outbound flight: Cd. Juarez–Cancun, Volaris, $80
Inbound flight: Cancun–Cd. Juarez, Interjet, $160
Hotel: $1,118.60 for four nights/three people



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