Trajineras, Tacos and Pulque … Among Other Things.

Hi, unicorn-angelfaces! It seems it has been far too long a time since I last posted an entry. That’s because I’ve been super busy doing some adult shit and being responsible …


Just kidding! I was in Mexico City getting fat off the most peculiar tastes my tastebuds have ever encountered and walking the most I’ve walked in my whole entire life … or maybe since I was last in New York.


I loved Mexico City! The food was nothing short of just absolutely amazing; I got to see a couple of very dear friends of mine whom I hadn’t seen in years; and I got to explore a city that has a reputation almost as big as its own size.


Mexico City is HUGE and I do mean HUGE. Very often I found myself reminiscing of New York, for these two humongous cities have some obvious similarities. Although, nothing will ever replace that New York smell that’s permanently embedded in my mind (you know, that smell of roasted peanuts combined with trash, sweat and probably lost dreams).


Back to Mexico City, though. I did most of the things I set out to do before taking on the weekend I spent over there. We visited Coyoacán and traveled back in time inside Frida Kahlo’s house (a tiny dream come true), enjoyed a two-hour ride on the traditional “trajineras” in Xochimilco, lest we forget trying pulque for the very first time and falling in love with the most delicious corn on the cob I’ve had the pleasure to consume.



I’d go back solely for the food. Not to mention the inability to avoid being constantly cultured over there because culture is everywhere. History drowns the city, you can find it in every corner. It’s one of the cities with the most museums in the worlds. I even rode the metro! Yup, I’m that official.


And now, I sit here with only memories and tighter pants. I can’t wait for my next adventure: I’m ready.


To see more of my time in Mexico City, watch my new Travel Vlog below.


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