I Made a YouTube Channel!

After a too-long-a-period of hesitation, I’ve finally started a YouTube channel. That’s right, you and the entire Internet Machine get to see me in my most raw, most weird, most fun, most interesting moments. If I get to capture it all on camera, that is.

You can find my channel by clicking here.

Having a YouTube channel has been a secret aspiration of mine for a long time. I’ve looked up to Jenna Marbles, Jaclyn Hill and Nikki Limo for a while now and I hoped someday to be hilarious and successful like them.

And now, I’m taking baby steps in an attempt at conquering the world of YouTube one video at a time. Take note, however, that I’m not doing this just to try to get famous, I’m doing this because not only do I enjoy making vlogs, I might as well use some of the shit I kind of learned in school (mhmmm).

So far, I’ve divided a few videos into a few playlists: the #dailylifevlogs and the travel vlogs. The first one of these is a series of videos during which most of what you’ll see is me talking about random stuff I do in my daily, simple life. You follow me around, I update you on what I’m doing, I’m occasionally funny (or so I think … ) and that’s it. Most of the time, nothing of immense importance happens on these #dailylifevlogs, because it’s just that: my daily life.

The travel vlogs will probably come a little less often. But trust that they’ll come as I escape my normal life from time to time and visit more places.

I’m planing to film some video challenges, monthly favorites, the occasional rant, etc. So make sure you subscribe to my channel and make sure you share my videos. Tell your mom, your sister, your bae, your cousin in LA, tell everybody, including your dog! I’d greatly appreciate it.

Here’s my most recent vlog!


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