LA Shenanigans

First and foremost, let us have a moment of silence for the lack of capitalization in all of my previous posts because I’m over it. This is some new-year-new-me type of shit, which I’m regularly not into but *Kanye shrug.* Stay tuned for the video at the end of the post.
If you know me well, you know I’m a total nerd for Above & Beyond (if you don’t know who they are then Google that right meow, but how could you not know!?). They are one of my absolute favorite music groups in the entirety of this world. Jono, Paavo and Tony recently released their fourth studio album titled “We Are All We Need” and needless to say, it’s pretty fucking great. Their North American tour kicked off at The Forum in Los Angeles this past Friday, Feb. 6, and your girl was there to witness it all. A&B’s set was bad ass; not only did they play their new stuff, but they graced our ears with so many oldies I hadn’t been able to hear live in a very long time. Mat Zo and Lane 8 opened for Above & Beyond and both delivered amazeballs sets. Hands down, this was the best set I’ve witnessed from Mat Zo; major kudos to the man. Lane 8 never disappoints and I can’t wait to see him again some time soon.IMG_1518 LA was a lot of fun, even if it was only for a weekend. I got to go to the Nasty Gal store on Melrose and that was amazing. We also did some vintage-shirt shopping and attained totally broke status after shopping at American Apparel (why you so expensive?!).10993072_10153058176230330_345184529606961937_nWe also visited Venice Beach and Santa Monica beach; both of which were utterly entertaining. Lots of people watching and failed attempts of me trying to convince my friends to go to the Santa Monica Aquarium. (You guys suck!) It seems LA is the land of freak shows because the entire weekend was full of them. I even felt like the normal-est in the room … and that’s nearly impossible. 10998309_10153058176375330_8297875958425588558_nWe went to the concert’s official after party at Exchange LA and also got to go to Avalon Hollywood (two of the most-recommended clubs by my LA friends). All I can say is I’ve seen something things I can’t ever unsee. Also, let me just freak the fuck out because I touched Jono Grant’s (1/3 of Above & Beyond) shoulder and asked him to sign my flag. *Fan girls the effff out of this moment.* The fan-girling was so intense that all I was able get out of my mouth was, “I love you, please sign my flag?” (I know, what a nerd!!!)10968377_10153058176165330_3845687240212138922_nNow to the important part of this post, which is the video! This video features a selfie-stick fail in which I drop my IPhone into the sand while still recording, lots of me selfie-videoin’ around and some other shenanigans. As always, watch in HD because why not?!

And some more pictures from our trip:10986699_10153058176750330_6653292232735378688_n10411014_10153058177025330_5779481472809538300_n

And that is all ❤

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