obligatory glow-run post

hi there, baby unicorns! i’m writing this from the comfort of my beautiful bed because my legs have fallen off and i refuse to move unless absolutely necessary and imperative. okay no, they just hurt so much because i’m such an athletic unicorn that i decided to participate in yesterday’s glow run in el paso. well technically, i was involuntarily signed up because it turned into a coworker shenanigan and i promised myself at the beginning of 2014 that i’d try as many new things as i could, so i decided it would totally be a good idea. while i was running, i hated myself but now i’m so glad i went because it was a lot of fun!

IMG_5367this was the first even run/marathon i ever participated in (or whatever the hell people call these things). the run was 5k long and i thought i was going to die two minutes into it. but i didn’t and i actually ran maybe half of it, or maybe more? which is a lot for someone who swears that the only time they run is when being chased by clowns or maybe a lunatic holding a deathly weapon. anyway, the cool thing about this run was that it was an evening run and there was “glow stations” with black lights along the way, making all the runners’ neon wear glow all cool and shit. not to mention they had stilt-walkers (is that even what they’re called?!), and that alone is cool enough. i also got this superheavy medal to prove that i rocked that thang and didn’t die along the way. overall, it was a fun experience and i got to bond with my amazeballs coworkers, yaay x 10^867342. ❤

IMG_8733i might even start running regularly now … maybe.
see you later, angelfaces!


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