i’m alive, i swear!

baby unicorns! i’m still alive, just in case anyone out there in the internet machine was wondering. shut your beautiful face up about how i missed music mondays and do not fret! i’m dedicating this post to one of my favorite things in the world: bbc live lounge covers! because they’re awesome and that’s all there is to it.

if you don’t know or if you’ve been living under some sort of rock and have never heard of the bbc radio 1’s live lounge section, you, magestic unicorn, are in for a treat. the live lounge hosts an artist who performs usually two songs; one by them and a cover of another artist’s song in acoustic form. the covers are usually songs that fall under a genre completely different from what the artist is well-known for, which is what makes most of these covers totally amazeballs.

first up we have labrinth covering my current and most-shameful guilty pleasure: taylor swift’s “shake it off.” don’t lose your shit yet, let me just say that taylor swift is definitely not my favorite person or artist … at all (to put it nicely and civilized). and despite the fact that the lyrics to this song are really not complex whatsoever, i’ve got to admit it’s catchy. but now that we have this awesome cover of it, i no longer have to subdue myself to listening to the original version. labrinth manages to make this song not that bad … right? right??

fight me. ❤




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