tiny tidbits ’bout moi & the unicorn-land

hello internet machine! i’m valeria and i like trance music, unicorns and all things black. i’m a 23-year-old UTEP graduate with a bachelor’s degree in journalism, accompanied by a minor in creative writing. i’m a make up enthusiast and lover. i also have a keen taste for pretty words and sounds; or at least i think i do. currently, i work for an advertising agency where i proofread all kinds of stuff. basically, i’m paid grammar nazi. i love my job and i’m thankful for the place where i’m at today.

i surfaced into this world from my mother’s spaceship on a summery day in 1991, been kickin’ and screamin’ since then. i was born in el paso, texas, but lived right across the u.s.-mexico border in cd. juarez for about 11 or 12 years. moving to a different country, even if they’re adjacent to one another, was a very difficult and somewhat traumatizing thing for me. leaving all my friends behind, being thrown in to a brand-new environment where people looked at me weird, and the perils of miscommunications made me a shy kid. it’s been quite a journey to slowly break out of my shyness, which i’m still working on. to be quite honest, middle school and high school were shit; therefore, i’m not getting into those. college was fun and now i’m an adult doing everyday adult things … or at least pretending to. of course there are lots of little strands of life and things that happened that have led to me to where i am today; that’s another story.

anyway, if you’re miraculously still reading this, this blog is going to be composed of all kinds of random shit that interest me or that i stumble upon. this will include, and will not be limited to, music, movies, food, random shit in my life, events, books, make up stuffs, local happenings and other gnarly stuff that catches my attention. i look forward to sharing a piece of my world with the all-knowing machine; i hope that maybe someone somewhere out there in the internet world will be inspired or even chuckle at what i have to say. with that said, i leave you with my current favorite gif that coincidentally depicts what i would look like in a public-speaking introduction-type of situation.

’til next time little baby unicorns! ❤










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